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If you are reading this then you may be seeking a new way of living, moving, eating, being and experiencing life in a body you love–one that cultivates your finest expression of who you can be in this life time.

At Tree of Health & Wellbeing we will help you to pull away all the masks of shame, guilt, failure and all the bad habits and negativity that manifests in our lives and bodies, so you may emerge with a new shape, new mind, new resilience and a renewed connection to your true, most radiant self.



Before initiating any new exercise regime, we would recommend that you should get a thorough medical examination done by a doctor. Discuss with the doctor your intentions and ask for individualised guidelines and advice on how to manage your workouts safely. (We are aware that lots of people will not go for this check-up)

Furthermore, age also poses some complications/restrictions that could impede your abilities to work out and we need to be mindful of these rather having blanket views that you can’t do anything. (As mentioned, we work with you) A further issue as we age, is that many of us may suffer from underlying medical conditions. So, it’s important to get first clearance from your doctor and then you’ll be good to go.



When you are starting off at Tree of Health & Wellbeing it’s really important that you book the right level of class. Regardless of your general fitness level, you need to start by learning the right way. This is why we provide a free fitness assessment, before you join any class, so that we can assist you with the choice and manage your expectations so that you can progress at your rate (with a little nudge in the right direction) before attempting technically challenging classes.

We have a host of different class formats to choose from: for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The beginner’s classes focus on understanding technique, which will allow you to get to grips with the moves before stepping up to your next challenge.



Class timetables will be published on our website and updates/cancellations sent to participants via e-mail or WhatsApp provided on signing up for classes. Booking for classes will open 7 days prior to the advertise start time. All bookings should be made through our contact us page, using ‘Send Us A Message’. Class bookings will stop at 21:00 hours the previous day.

If you need to cancel your booking it is recommended to advise Tree of Health & Wellbeing 48 hours prior to a class starting, this will allow other participants to be notified of the space availability.



All classes are 7€ per session however if you book and pay for six classes in advance you save and pay only 35€.

1:1 session are a special price of 15€ per session



Our classes are small no more than six people at one time, this is so Denise can see all our participants and you can see and hear the instructor/technique!  Small Class sizes often results in more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication between the instructor and attendees.



At Tree of Health and Wellbeing we seek to establish a balance of workout and fun. How much more likely are we achieving our goals if we are happy and enjoying what do.


Due to hygiene reasons we ask all attending land classes to bring along your own exercise/camping mat or large towel and a smaller hand towel to wipe away any perspiration. All weights, balls, bands and any other props you may need during class are provided. Denise will have set up an example of the props you’ll need for class, please select the necessary equipment prior to starting. If there’s anything you’re unsure of how to use or can’t find, just ask – Denise or fellow class-goers are always happy to help.

For water classes, you will need swimming attire, towel and flip flops or similar. Note: the pool is open air.

There are changing facilities and showers.


We know how important it is to stay hydrated when you’re working out, bring your own water or preferred drink in an unbreakable container. We have filtered water to refill your bottles and sell environmentally friendly sustainable (stainless steel) flasks.  We do kindly ask that no open cups or glass containers are used in the class environment to avoid accidents.


At Tree of Health & Wellbeing we have a strict timings policy and do not permit clients join in classes if they are more than 5 minutes late for class. We hope you’ll appreciate that this expectation helps limit disruption to fellow clients and minimises risk of injury (warm-up is a vitally important part of class). In fact, we’d love it if you could join us at least 5 minutes before your class is due to start. That way you’ll have plenty of time to set up and chat to fellow class-goers!


To avoid distraction and help you get the most ‘me-time’ out of your class, mobile phones are prohibited whilst class is going on.


We reserve the right to ask you to leave class/session if the format is deemed unsuitable or we can see it exceeds your limitations, or you are under the influence or alcohol or drugs.

Please ensure that you don’t mistakenly book into an Intermediate or Advanced Class if you are completely new, have recently had an injury and requiring rehabilitation.

Denise give hands on adjustments throughout class to ensure you’re getting the most out of every exercise. She will also provide a commentary relating to the moves being undertaken and the benefits of those on the body, as well as explaining where on the body you should be feeling the muscle working or stretching.

Technique is key at Tree of Health & Wellbeing so getting correct positioning from the start will help your confidence, progression and ultimately ensure you see quicker results.

Modifications are given for every move, so you can choose whether to take a less strenuous or more advanced route.

Should you have any concerns or questions, Denise will always happy to chat before or after class, just ask.

If you think you would benefit from one to one attention, then please ask about our 1:1 fitness session.


Should you need a pick-me-up post class, you’ll find lots of delicious and healthy hot drinks, smoothies and snacks on offer so you can use this time to chill and socialise.

Remember, it’s totally normal (and a good sign) if you ache a little after your first few classes or there has been a change of intensity. It means you made a deep connection in your muscles and are continuing to burn fat even after class has finished.

Try and get back to class within 48 hours, working your muscles again will help reduce any soreness you may be experiencing. Taking class between 2-4 times per week is the perfect amount for maintenance and overall cardiovascular health, strength and conditioning. Regularity is the only way to see serious, lasting results in your body.


Classes on offer.





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