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Face Reflexology

Facial Reflexology 2
Beautician making lymphatic drainage face massage or facelifting massage at the beauty salon.
Facial Reflexology


Face Reflexology is an holistic treatment, which is easy to access and treat anybody who loves reflexology but where the feet may not be an option.

Face Reflexology `Clooney Concept´ (FRCC) is a blend of Western and Eastern reflexology, this treatment is not only beneficial but also relaxing and soothing. It opens up the vertical and horizontal zones of the face as our therapist uses her fingertips to read the face and search for corresponding reflex points for organs and systems of the body that are out of balance.  It is very slow and rhythmical, causing the sympathetic nervous system to engage.

We don’t realise how much tension builds up in the muscles of our face, this can be reflected throughout the entire body.  Daily use of our face to laugh, chew, talk, grimace, frown, express and suppress emotion, all result in an accumulation of facial muscle tension that some of the deep strokes of face reflexology can steadily dissipate.  This can stimulate a corresponding improvement in stress levels and therefore, in health.


  •       aims to provide relaxation
  •       relief of depression
  •       assist fertility issues
  •       decrease irritability
  •       boost sleep
  •       improve stress related problems,
  •       releasing facial muscle tension
  •       encourage healthy blood and lymph flow
  •       stimulate collagen and elastin.
  •       reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  •       assists the body to heal and rebalance itself