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Have a good time giving your body a hard time with Tree of Health & Wellbeing Blast challenge. Push, lunge, jump and squat to motivating music. Challenge muscles and your mind to go the extra mile. No need for super co-ordination or natural rhythm; just turn up and join in. Condition your whole body, get lean, feel mean.


Blast yourself to the next level

Help increase your strength and aerobic fitness levels with this true hybrid class. Multiple circuit stations combine resistance training with muscular endurance and strength building. Pick your starting station and Denise will define how long you will perform each exercise for before you move to the next station. Each class is built with progressions and regressions so is suitable for all fitness levels and everyone gets a great workout. Classes often combine body weight exercises with weighted resistance equipment and mix aerobic and strength-based moves. No circuit class is ever the same!


A typical circuit training session will focus on different parts of the body, including…

Upper body – This includes all muscles in the arms, shoulders and the upper back.

core and trunk- The core muscles are essential, not just in achieving a toned stomach but also to your balance.

Lower body – The muscles targeted in this section include the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.


What will Blast do for you?

Circuit training is considered by many to be one of the most effective workouts out there. And while it can be done on your own, working out so hard in a group keep you motivated and can be more fun than going it alone.


Blast is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which focuses on combining short periods of intense exercise with recovery periods in between.


Benefits of Blast

  • This style of workout has not only proven to be more effective at burning fat, but the incorporation of weights and resistance training keeps your muscles working throughout, so you only lose fat.
  • Kickstart your metabolism – Due to the nature of circuit training, a single class will kick your metabolism into a high gear. You’ll not only find that you burn more calories in the same time compared to steady cardio, but you’ll also experience an after burn effect that will keep the calories burning long after you finish the class.
  • Your heart gets healthier – Although a lot of people may feel as though they are pushing themselves to their limits during exercise, the truth is that not many people actually reach their anaerobic zone. An extreme form of exercise, like circuit training, pushes you into this zone and that gets your cardiovascular system working harder than ever.


Suitable for clients who currently undertake exercise at an intermediate/advanced level